Neuropsychological Evaluations (Psychometric Testing) 

Neuropsychological assessments are conducted to assess for neuro-developmental disorders that affect learning and general functioning.


The assessment involves a detailed clinical interview which covers pre- and post-injury psychosocial, medical, psychological/psychiatric, occupational, educational and family history, as well as accident history, description of injuries and alleged disabilities, post-injury adjustment and description of post-injury functional, emotional/personality and cognitive/intellectual reactive and/or organic symptoms and disabilities.


The assessment also includes extensive psychometric and clinical evaluation of intellectual/cognitive (neuropsychological) functioning, personality/emotional functioning, pain behaviour, vocational potential (from a psychological and neuropsychological perspective) and symptom validity/malingering/feigned incompetence. If appropriate and required, whole person impairment ratings can also be provided.

Assessment time up to 4 hours.