Kerry Foster | Chief Solutions Officer

Kerry Foster is a 17-year veteran of delivering strategic workplace health and safety services that put the employer in the driver’s seat.  Kerry has spoken at various conferences and employer associations and whenever she can shares her passion for empowering employers to take control of the health safety and welfare of their workers and create best practice workplaces.  She is a long-standing Executive member of the NSW Branch of the Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association.

Kerry hails from Townsville and graduated in 1980 with a Bachelor of Social Work from James Cook University of NQ.  Kerry spent some 10 years working in her profession and along the way also was a Co-ordinator and Lecturer on TAFE’s New Opportunities for Women and Labour Market Programs as well as ran a Coffee Shop and Gymnasium.  In 1992 Kerry commenced with CIC Insurance as the Business Manager for its subsidiary RPS Medicorp.  After it was taken over by HIH in 1995 Kerry established Active OHS.

Kerry believes strongly in always acting with integrity, considering others and giving back to the community.  She is a zealot when it comes to injustice and unfairness, is fervent about animal welfare and enjoys ambling along on her bicycle as well as playing hit and giggle tennis whenever she can.  On occasion Kerry has been known to look menacingly at slow drivers in the right hand lane on the M5.