Assessment Services

Through alignment with us our clients gain access to the most experienced and diverse range of allied health professionals and medical specialists in Australia. Our centralised contact centre works proactively to ensure our clients receive the correct services for their personal injury claim. This guarantees customer service of the highest standard delivered every time.

All professionals partnering with our organisation are aligning with the longest standing, most experienced and quality driven group in the Australian marketplace.  Professional reputation is paramount and we maintain a highly experienced quality assurance team to ensure that every report released by our group meets all regulatory and legal standards, ensuring there is no risk to professional compromise.


Independent Medical Examination

An IME is an impartial assessment of an individual by an independent medical examiner


Injury Management Consultation

An assessment of an individual by an Injury Management Consultant to assess the situation


File Review

Based on the best available evidence, information and papers only


Psychiatric Evaluation

An impartial assessment of an individual by an independent psychiatric examiner


Clinical Psychological Evaluation

The assessment involves a detailed clinical interview which covers pre- and post-injury


Neuropsychological Evaluation

Conducted to assess for neuro-developmental disorders that affect learning and general functioning


Medication Review

File Review is the review of all medications being paid for on a claim



Assessments conducted via telephone or video link platform

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Fitness for Work Assessment

To assist in determining an individual’s functional capacity to perform their role

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Worksite Assessment

Onsite assessments of an employee's pre-injury duties or suitable duties

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Earning Capacity Evaluations

Reviews and provides recommendations on an individual’s functional ability, vocational skills...

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Vocational Assessment

A psychological assessment
of intellectual aptitudes and
abilities, and work preferences

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Functional Capacity Evaluations

The standardised Work Well
Functional Capacity Evaluation
(FCE) V.2 is utilised

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Medical Assessment

A medical assessment is
designed to obtain a medical
history, examine and diagnose

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Job Match Report

A comparison between the physical, intellectual and educational requirements

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Labour Market Analysis

Investigates the employment outlook, prospects and current job availability

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Activity of Daily Living Assessment

Provides the most comprehensive examination of a claimant's reasonable and

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Vocational Assessment

Used to assess individuals skills and experience against their functional capacity

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Cost of Care Report

The most specific and accurate data base of in-home market rates available

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Injury Prevention Strategies

If you are looking to further ensure the long term health and safety of your employees

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Vocational Rehabilitation

Help smoothly transition your staff back into their role, helping them overcome barriers and challenges and empowering them to go further

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Workplace Mediation

A unique approach to conflict resolution and mediation that combines NLP skills and dispute resolution

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Team Interventions

Consultants are trained in assisting, individuals, teams and organisations address and resolve their workplace issues

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Management Coaching

Managers can often be promoted for their technical skills and then find themselves unequipped to handle complex interpersonal challenges

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Stress Management Training

From team building to injury prevention, our courses equip your staff with the knowledge needed to get the job done right