Group of Companies

Nordwake supports a family of companies that operate within various sectors of personal injury management. Each of our companies is recognised for providing service excellence, quality products and strong customer service. Our diverse customer base has lead to a deep understanding of our clients needs and instilled a pro-active approach to building long standing customer relationships.

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Active Occupational Health Services

Specialises in support and expertise when dealing with injury management, workplace rehabilitation, return to work as well as workplace health and safety consulting and training.


3DMind Solutions

Specialises in workplace mediation, vocational rehabilitation, training, management coaching and team interventions.


Approved Medlaw Services

Our national provider of independent examinations specialising in mental health matters.


Complete Domestic Care Services

Offers reports to determine the impact of an injury or incapacity on an individual's performance in the areas of personal self-care and daily activities in and around the home and community.


Independent Medical Opinion

Offers independent medical examinations to insurers, lawyers, government agencies and employers who need to resolve a personal injury claim.


Medico Legal Reporting Services of Australia

Provider of independent quality medico-legal reports tailored to the needs of government bodies, national insurance companies, occupational health insurers, superannuation companies, lawyers and other referrers across Australia

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Specialist Opinion Group

Established in 1999 to provide clients with prompt access to 1st class medical specialists for their assessments, Specialist Opinion Group is acknowledged as a premier provider of medico-legal services.


Vocational Capacity Centre

VCC provides lawyers, insurers and government agencies with recommendations on an individual's functional ability and vocational skills to determine their current earning capacity, job suitability and retraining potential.